During manufacture, stringent control is exercised on following properties of Refoil Bleaching Earth.


    Bleaching Activity
    • A hard to bleach oil, with known ffa and color is treated with various dosages of Refoil Earth under standard vacuum, temperature, contact time and stirring. The colors are measured in Lovibond Tintometer and the results are compared with standard earth results.
    Acidic property
    • Measurement of residual free acid content as well as pH value of water solution filtered out of the Bleaching Earth are routine test with titration method as well as pH meter and stringent standards are maintained for the same.
    Water content
    • Moisture content is measured in a standard laboratory drying chamber as well as by Karl-Fisher- titrations.
    Particle – size distribution
    • It is checked on standard sieves by careful air stream sieving as well as on particle size analyser.
    Filtration property
    • We have a standard, exhaustive, test method for determining the filteration properties of our bleaching earth. We filter oil under standard conditions of temperature and pressure difference over an oil-wet-filter-cake. Stringent standards are followed and maintained to ensure fast filtration rate of Refoil Earth.
    Oil Retention
    • This is a supplementary test carried out in conjunction with filtration test. It depends on activation and particle size of Bleaching Earth and is maintained at the minimum levels.

Special Bleaching Earth for You!

Refoil group has expertise in the field of manufacturing Bleaching Earth, both by dry process and wet process.
Therefore, Refoil is in advantageous position of offering you different grades from both dry or wet process as well as by the
combination of both the processes.

This results in selection of a very cost-effective and high quality Bleaching Earth grade. A specific set of various grades will
be suggested on receiving the details of application. Please feel free to contact us for any querry, without any obligation.

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