Broadly speaking, Refoil Earth finds use in following fields.


Refining of Vegetable oils like

To avoid loss of activity, moisture proof plastic woven bags with polyethylene liner each containing 25/50 kg material are used for packing. Bags may also be palletised, if required. Higher quantity packing like 600/1000 kg jumbo bags can be offered on special request.

Hydrogenated Vanaspati Ghee Oils

Refining of hydrogenated vanaspati ghee oils, Margarine & shortening.


Refining of Animal Fats, Industrial Triglycerides and Fatty Acids

Refining of Animal Fats like tallow oil, fish oil, lard oil.
Industrial triglycerides and fatty acids used for paints, varnishe and Soaps

Refining of Mineral Oils like

  • Paraffins and waxes
  • Insulating oil
  • Rolling oil
  • White oil
  • Waste oil (lubricating oil)

Refining of Mineral Oils like

  • Removal of impurities from solvents (for dry cleaning)
  • Bleaching of sulphur
  • Effluent treatment plants

Special Bleaching Earth for You!

Refoil group has expertise in the field of manufacturing Bleaching Earth, both by dry process and wet process.
Therefore, Refoil is in advantageous position of offering you different grades from both dry or wet process as well as by the
combination of both the processes.

This results in selection of a very cost-effective and high quality Bleaching Earth grade. A specific set of various grades will
be suggested on receiving the details of application. Please feel free to contact us for any querry, without any obligation.

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