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About Our Company

“Refoil” is the product name for a wide range of Activated Bleaching Earth produced by “Refoil” group of companies with their flagship company Baroda Earth Pvt. Ltd.

The group went into the production of Activated Bleaching Earth in year 1980. Over the time span of more than 25 years the group has earned a good name as a dependable supplier with high quality products of consistent nature.

The group has two state of the art manufacturing facilities spread over more than 4 acres of land and employs more than 110 people. The group lays a significant stress on R & D as well as qualitative testing of product at various stages during manufacture and maintains a very well – equipped laboratory.

India has one of the largest and best quality reserve of Fuller’s Earth and Bentonite (both minerals fall in Montmorillonite Group) suitable for both dry and wet process manufacture of Bleaching Earth.

The company has its own mines as well as firm tie-ups which guarantees the supply of quality raw material for at least another 50 years.

Activated Bleaching Earth is manufactured by (1) dry process. (2) wet process.

The Company offers the products by both of these processes. It can also offer a very low priced but superior quality, cost-effective combination product, maintaining the desired standards of quality.


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Properties & Benefits

Refoil Bleaching Earth is manufactured from the best quality, selectively mined and scientifically.

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Packing, Storage & Handling

To avoid loss of activity, moisture proof plastic woven bags with polyethylene liner each containing 25/50 kg

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Need for Marketing Tie-ups

We would be pleased to receive Inquiries for marketing tie-ups in form of local representation or distributorship for our products.

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Application of Refoil Earth

Broadly speaking, Refoil Earth finds use in following fields.

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Quality Control

During manufacture, stringent control is exercised on following properties of Refoil Bleaching Earth.

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Special Bleaching Earth for You

Refoil group has expertise in the field of manufacturing Bleaching Earth, both by dry process and wet process.

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