baroda earth pvt. ltd.
Manufacturers of Bleaching Earth (also known as
Activated Bleaching Earth
or Bleaching Clay or Activated Fuller's Earth) a
decolourising agent used for refining of
Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats
Mineral oils and waxes
Company Profile Application of Refoil Earth
"Refoil" group manufacturing highly active bleaching earth since more than 25 years.... Decolourising and Refining of vegetable oils, animal fats, mineral oils, wax .....
Properties & Benefits Quality Control
High bleachability with fast filtration lower ffa rise, removal of gums...   Controlling important parameters of bleaching earth like bleachability, acidity, particle size....
Packing, Storage & Handling Special Bleaching Earth for You
Special moisture-proof 25/50 kg plastic bags as well as 600/1000 kg jumbo bags....   Highly cost effective different grades manufactured by dry process, wet process and combination of both....
Need for Marketing Tie-ups Inquiry
Enquiries for local representation and distributorship to market our products....   Please send us details of your requirement of bleaching earth....
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